Thursday, September 13, 2012

Something cute...

Now I'm sure dragons weren't this soft or fuzzy, but you have to admit, this little dragon is, although unrealistic, absolutely adorable.

Sorry I haven't done a real post in a while, but be looking for a post on dragon legends from around the world.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dragon Pumpkin Carvings.

Fall is coming, so I thought I'd share some cool dragon pumpkin carvings.

Yes this ^ was actually made from a pumpkin.  isn't it amazing!

Hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Are Dragons Real?

Hey everyone, this is Catherine! I am soo excited for my first post.  I can't believe we have five followers already!!!  so, here goes my first post ever:

     Have you ever wondered if dragons were real? You might think they are just a cool legend. But now you might change your mind. You may have noticed how popular dragons are in movies and books. 

Films such as How to Train a Dragon or Disney’s Pete’s Dragon both have the creatures as a main character. People have been fascinated by dragons for hundreds of years. Scientists like Dr. Andrew Snelling with Answers in Genesis and Dr. John Morris with The Institute for Creation Research are two of the scientists researching the link between dinosaurs and dragons. Is it possible these beasts are dinosaurs? If we look at the legends of dragons and Biblical literature, there is evidence of dinosaurs in recent history.
       People have encountered dragons and dinosaurs in various legends. Some people think they are just stories, but could these dragons be recent dinosaurs? The fifth century Greek historian, Herodotus observed, “There is a place in Arabia, situated very near the city of Buto, to which I went, on hearing of some winged serpents; and when I arrived there, I saw bones and spines of serpents, in such quantities as it would be impossible to describe. The form of the serpent is like that of the water-snake; but he has wings without feathers, and as like as possible to the wings of a bat.” (Dragons: Evidence of Recent Dinosaurs). In this account, Herodotus gives evidence for the recent existence of dragons/dinosaurs. In 1614, a booklet was published describing dragon encounters in St. Leonard’s Forest in Sussex. One of the encounters describes a young dragon that was at least nine feet long and had black scales on his back and red scales on his belly. On the dragons back were two lumps that people thought would grow into wings. (Dragons: Evidence of Recent Dinosaurs)  These are just two of the many accounts of dragons/dinosaurs in the historical record.
      Many Biblical Scholars including those with Accuracy in Genesis and Answers in Genesis believe that Biblical descriptions of dragon-like creatures are in fact dinosaurs. Job 41 describes such a creature. The website Accuracy in Genesis reports, “Leviathan, a mighty sea creature with scales and terrible teeth. Arrows, swords, stones and javelins cannot harm him and he regards iron as straw. A flame goes out of his mouth and smoke out of his nostrils. He makes the sea boil and leaves a shimmering wake. His heart is hard as stone and when he rises up the mighty become afraid. Sounds like the classic dragon from the dark ages, does it not?” Another passage in Job depicts a huge beast called Behemoth. He has bones like iron bars and a tail like a thick, strong tree. Behemoth is also incredibly strong. Scholars have proposed this describes a hippopotamus or an elephant but neither has a very big tail. The Bible gives us support toward recent existence of dinosaurs/dragons.    
      Given all of the available evidence, it would seem that dragons did exist and are, in fact, recent dinosaurs. Many scientists begin with the assumption that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago and therefore could not explain the many dinosaur legends. The similarities between the two are unmistakable. (Dragons:  Legends Lore of Dinosaurs 9)  

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Hope you enjoyed!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


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